2004: CAA Validation System

Ongoing administration of the system with 3 Validation Panel Executive Committee meetings (07.04.03, 03.08.04 and 27.09.04) by teleconference. Continued liaison with the International Union of Architects who are planning a global validation system. The Chair of the Validation Panel, Professor George Henderson, attended a meeting of the UNESCO/UIA Validation Committee convened in Paris 10.03 where he gave a detailed presentation on the working of the CAA System. The Validation Panel Executive committee has commented on a UIA draft protocol Mutual Recognition Agreement Between Architectural Accreditation/Validation Agencies. A review of CAA’s Red Book validation procedure has commenced and will be completed in 2006 in accordance the requirement for this to take place every 6 years. Enquiries about validation have been received from 3 new schools in Africa and discussions are in progress with South Africa for validation of their national system. 4 school visits have been organised.

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