“Jury; Ashley de Vos – Academic and practitioner, Sri Lanka; D. B. Nawarathna – Practitioner and Convener of ARCASIA Awards, Sri Lanka; Kerry Clare – Practitioner, Architectus and teacher, Australia; Catherine Slessor – Editor, The Architectural Review, UK. A total of 91 submissions were appraised and reduced to, 19 schemes for further consideration. Six projects reached the final shortlist and from these, four awards weremade as follows: First Prize.’Digested Landscape’, Simon Crockford, 6th year, University of Nottingham UK; Second Prize.’Memorial to the Wahine Disaster, ‘Thomas Ibbotson’, 4th year, Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand; Joint Third Prize. ‘Mauaharanui’, Harry Croucher, 2nd year, Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand; Joint Third Prize. Azadi Square, Aisan Kianmehr, 3rd year, University of Putra, Malaysia; Best Submission by a 1st or 2nd Year Student. ‘Back to the Future’ Matthew Roberts, 2nd year, Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand.. The winners and an additional 14 entries were exhibited at the 19th General Assembly and Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka.”

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