2011: Canberra Accord 3rd General Meeting, Beijing

This meeting was held in Beijing hosted by the National Board of Architectural Accreditation of China (NBAA). Outcomes from the meeting included; Re-appointment of NAAB as CA Secretariat until the end of 2014. Election of David Parken,(CEO, Australian Institute of Architects as Chair replacing CAA’s George Henderson. Developing a promotional document and a set of standard responses to FAQs about the Accord. The Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) and the Central American Agency for Accreditation of Programmes in Architecture and Engineering (ACCAI) wish to become signatories to the CA. UIA President Louise Cox was an invited observer and a task force was established to consider options for greater collaboration between the Canberra Accord and UNESCO-UIA and to look at UNESCO-UIA accepting the CA as the standard for peer-review processes for determining the substantial equivalency of accreditation systems and, eventually, for individual architecture degree programmes in those areas of the world without an independent accreditation agency. Under such an arrangement UNESCO-UIA would continue to develop and provide the central policies on architecture education, including the UNESCO-UIA Charter for Architectural Education, June 1996 (rev. 2005) at the international level. The Statistics & Data collection task force noted that some 170,000 students are now represented by the CA signatory agencies. A General Conference Call will be held in mid-2012 and the 4th General Meeting will be hosted by COMAEA in Mexico in April 2013. A visit to review the CAA system will take place in 2014. A CA periodic review visit to the NBAA system took place in late May 2011; this was separate from the General Meeting, involving independent reviewers.

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