2012: CAA RIBA Validation Agreement

In 2011 the RIBA made it clear that they required ’first hand knowledge’ of student work to be able to recognise the qualifications listed by CAA. CAA could not provide this for Australia and South Africa where schools are recognised by system validation and options were discussed for recognition of CAA directly validated schools. The CAA procedure for combined visits with national institutes was not acceptable to RIBA and the CAA ExCom decided that the RIBA proposal to have significant representation on CAA boards with an RIBA secretary and report in the RIBA format would undermine the sovereignty of the CAA System. So with effect from the conclusion of their 2011-2012 academic year RIBA recognition of the CAA schools ended. The closing of a route for CAA graduates to become RIBA chartered members (overseas) was the practical effect but the loss of the RIBA ‘mark’ inevitably raised questions about the credibility of the CAA System. CAA was pleased therefore that the joint CAA RIBA letter expressed mutual respect and that the RIBA will continue their support for the CAA System which recognises the UK System and includes RIBA experts on the CAA Validation Panel. This development also ended the persistent misunderstanding among graduates that RIBA recognitionwas equal to accreditation required for UK registration.

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