If you are in Seoul, South Korea
for the UIA 2017 Convention


The Commonwealth Association of Architects
would appreciate your presence at a meeting on


Tuesday, 5 September 2017
from 15:00 – 17:00 hrs
at COEX Room 317B
Theme of the Meeting

The CAA – Looking into the Future

It is well understood that continued sustainable development across the world
improving the human condition is imperative for global stability; what is less
understood is the current capacity of the profession of architecture to provide
that development across the world. The Commonwealth Association of
Architects, the association of architectural associations across the
Commonwealth, is undertaking a survey across all Commonwealth countries
in a view to measuring and revealing the strength and weaknesses of the
profession regionally. The findings portray the range of difference across the
Commonwealth in terms of capacity, highlight areas that need strengthening in
order to best facilitate change in regard to new agendas such as carbon
reduction, and illustrate opportunities for growth in the sector across these
At the meeting, the results obtained so far from the survey (The State of the
Architectural Profession in the Commonwealth) that is being undertaken by
the Association, will be highlighted and discussed with those present. The
results of this survey will help the Association in formulating its programme of
activities and vision for the coming years.

Looking forward to meeting you there.





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