As recently as late 2010, Africa sought a 20% increase in funding for its poor countries despite years of international aid. In 2002, Nigeria’s Ebonyi State

Hasibul Kabir, Nahas Ahmed Khalil & Mozaffaruddin Chowdhury are from Bangladesh, involved in the field of Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Urban Planning The objective of this paper is to look into elements of architecture evolved through the ages with the ‘c

                    Unlearning Sustainability by Isma

On the road to re-defining sustainability. Sophia van Greunen, Spacestudio Architects, Windhoek, Namibia As architects we are constantly searching for new technologies and updated practises to create “Sustainable” buildings. Despite continuous efforts to minim

Professor Gordon Holden Griffith Universit, Australia Built environments contribute approximately half of global energy use with consequential greenhouse gas impacts. Architectural education is obliged with a responsibility to prepare future generations of graduates to address the ch