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Dik Jarman

Vice President – Oceania Work Organisation: Australian Institute of Architects
Country Australia


Photo of Dik Jarman

Architectural Practice Experience





Chief Representative Studio505 China


Roles included establishing firm’s presence in China as a legal entity, creating and developing client contacts throughout the country and overseeing the construction of significant cultural architectural projects:

Wujin Lotus Exhibition and Conference Centre

+ Winner China Steel Structure Award by China Construction Metal Structure Association

  Phoenix Valley Grand Theatre and Youth Palace

+ Commendation International RAIA Awards 2014

+ Winner China National Luban Award for excellence in Construction


2009_2010 Project Architect Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital Bates Smart Architects

Project Architect for entire LG floor including medical imaging and emergency areas

2004_2007 Director Studio 505 P/L  with co-directors Dylan Brady and Dirk Zimmermann
Australian Pavilion for World Expo Aichi Japan

+ Winner Silver MedalBureau International des Exhibitions (BIE)

Suzhou Science and Culture Centre Facade

+ Winner China National Luban Award for excellence in Construction

White Noise, Exhibition Design of ContemporaryMinimalist Art ACMI

+ Winner of 2006 RAIA Award for Best Interior Architecture

 “New Holland Folly”

+ Winner Rotterdam FollyDock competition

+ Exhibited Venice Biennale 2007

Pixel, Office building Melbourne,

+ Highest rated BREEAM,LEEDS,Greenstar office building in the world

Domain Tower Façade

+ Winner City of Port Phillip Design Development Award 2007
Best Contribution to Urban Art


2003 Architect Bates Smart
2001 Architect Lyons Architects – John Curtin Medical Laboratory
1999 Architect for Cunningham Martyn Design
1999 Architect for H2o Architects
Head of virtual realisation of the new Australian Embassy in Berlin
1998 Architect Bates Smart
1996 Architect Rob Harwood Architects
1996 Director and designer of Royal Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter
Awards ceremony at the National gallery of Victoria.
1994 Co-designer (with Ivan Rijavek) Fringe (Spoleto) Festival Furniture ’95 Exhibition
1992-1994 Graduate Architect Philip Harmer Architects
1987-1992 Architectural assistant Philip Harmer Architects



Curriculum Vitae DIK            2014


Teaching Experience




Assistant Professor, Tutor, Unit head, Personal tutor and Researcher,

University of Nottingham, Department of Architecture and Built Environment


2014/15                 Unit Head Part II Year 5/6 studio      Theme:  Hyperdensity
2014/15                 Unit Head Part I Year 2/3 studio       Theme:  Making

2013/14                 Unit Head Part I Year 2/3 studio       Theme:  Making
2012/13                 Unit Head Part I Year 2/3 studio       Theme:  Making
2013                       Unit Co-Head Part II Year 5 studio   Theme:  Medium Density Housing
2012                       Unit Co-Head Part II Year 5 studio  Theme:  Tall Building Studio


2014                       Supervisor of 3No. Master’s Dissertations

2013                       Supervisor of 1No. Master’s Dissertation


2013                       Project Head : Façade manufacture studio   1 week hands on esquisse

2013                       Project Head :Digital Post Prod. studio           1 week hands on esquisse

2012                       Project Head : Façade manufacture studio   1 week hands on esquisse

2012                       ProjectHead : Time-lapse studio                      1 week hands on esquisse
Architectural Tours
2014                       Leader – Hong Kong Architectural tour           Year 5/6

2014                       Leader – Bradford Architectural tour               Year 2/3

2014                       Leader – London Architectural tour                                 Year 2/3
2013                       Leader – Barcelona Architectural tour             Year 2/3
2013                       Co-Leader – London Architectural tour          Year 5

2013                       Leader – York UK Architectural tour                                 Year 2/3
2012                       Leader – Hertfordshire UK Architectural tour                 Year 2/3
2012                       Leader – Stuttgart Architectural tour                                 Year 2/3
2012                       Leader – Wales Architectural tour                     Year 2/3



2013/14 Chair      UoN DABE Communication and Marketing Committee
2013/14 Member                 UoN DABE Teaching and Learning Committee

2014       Member UoN Feasibility group for introduction of Formula Student (SAE) as subject


Founder of the DABE Media Clubwhich is a collective of students and staff with multimedia interests and skills that contribute to the graphic design and development of events, video recording of lectures, interviews and events for distribution both internally and externally of the department.



Tutor for First Year Design Architecture

Tutor for Final Year Design Architecture

Deakin University Geelong

Melbourne University

2001 Tutor for Final Year Design Architecture Melbourne University
2000 Tutor for Final Year Design Architecture Melbourne University
2000 Tutor for Second Year Design Architecture Melbourne University
1999 Tutor for Final Year Design Architecture Melbourne University
1999 Tutor for Third year Design Theory Melbourne University
1999 Tutor for Graphic Communications Melbourne University



1986 Student Teacher at Edgeborough School, Surrey, UK  (Primary)
Subjects include Latin, French, computing, rugby and cricket

Curriculum Vitae DIK            2014



Selected Film and Television Production Experience


Feature Films

2007-2008 Senior Animator, Mary and Max, Adam Elliot and Melodrama Pictures,

Opened: Sundance Film festival and nominated for three  AFI Awards


+ Winner: Best Animated Feature Film, Asia Pacific Screen Award, 2009

+ Winner: Best Direction in a Feature Film, Australian Directors Guild 2009

+ Winner: Generation 14plus, Best Feature Film, Berlin International Film Festival 2009

Short Films

2001 Writer, Director, Animator, Production Designer, Dad’s Clock short film



+ Winner: AFI Award Best Production Design in a Non-Feature Film 2002

+ Winner: Best Animation (Dendy Award) Sydney International Festival, 2002

+ Winner: Best Animation, Nashville International Film Festival, 2003


+ Winner: Best Use of Digital Technology StKilda Film Festival 2002

+ Winner: Best Film, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2002


+ Winner: Audience Award Cinema Europa Film Festival 2003

+ Special Commendation Best Foreign Film, Berlin Short Film Festival 2002

2001      Head Animator Hubcap, short film, Flying Gherkin International (FGI &SBSi)

1997      Writer, Director, Animator, Production Designer Pharmaceutical Girl 8min short

+ Winner: Best technical achievement in Production Design AIM

1994      Production Designer Action Girl 5 min short RAW and TAC

1993      Head Research, Character designer and Sculptor for Francis Ford Coppola produced short film of William S. Burroughs’ A Junkies Christmas 15 minute short FGI

Television Commercials and Series


2009      Director 2×15 sec TVC Herron Paharmaceuticals XYZ studios

2008      Animator 30 sec TVC Nescafe Green Blend, Collider

2006       Director / Animator / Production Designer 30 sec TVC Advantage Air, GoboBox 2006 Director / Production Designer 15 sec TVC Sun Creations, GoboBox

2005       Director / Animator / Production Designer 30 sec TVC Claratyne Train, GoboBox 1997 Director, animator Yogozone 30 sec TVC, Kanga Manga Studios

1997       Director RAW FM animated title sequence for ABC Television Series KMS 1996 Art Director Plasmo (13 x 5min animated TV series) for PlasmoMegaStudios,BBC

1996       Animator, Doppelganger Reebok 5 min cinema release UK FGI 1997 2nd Art Director 5 x 30 sec Nike Australian Open TVCs Black 1997

Production designer Yogo Heist 30sec TVC FGI

1996       Production Designer, animator SanitariumRicies (NZ) 2 x 30 sec TVCs FGI 1996 2nd Art Director 5 x 30 sec Rooboy Nike Australian Rules Football TVCs 1995 Art Director / Set Designer Planet Yogo 3 x 30 sec TVCs FGI

1994      Character designer / Sculptor Yogo Speed 3 x 30 sec TVCs FGI

1994       Production Designer S&P Restaurants (Thailand) 5 x 15 Secs TVCs FGI 1994

1992       Sculptor for Casio 3x 30 TVCs MEC

1992      Model Maker NRMA 3 x 30 sec TVCs MEC



Documentary / Educational


2000       Director, University of Melbourne Machine Shop safety video 15min


Music Videos


2004       Director, 4 Minute Wonders Video for ABC and TripleJ, Sophie Koh “So Easily Broken” 1999          Director, 3 x Trans World Noise music videos; Morning, Reading, Be Free KMS


1999       Director Dan & Al music video; The Fang, KMS and others.


1993      Character Designer / sculptor Alice in Chains music video FGI

+Voted Number 1 Video for 6 weeks on US MTV

Curriculum Vitae DIK            2014



Education, Professional Service and Landspeed Racing




Tertiary Qualifications


1997 Graduate Diploma Animation & Interactive Media            RMIT
1987-1992 Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) Melbourne University
1990-1992 Bachelor of Arts Melbourne University
1987-1989 Bachelor of Planning and Design




Currently studying Post Graduate Certificate Higher Education (PGCHE)

Expected completion early 2015.


First Aid

2014                       First Aider : University of Nottingham approved Three day First Aid course

2013                       First Aider : University of Nottinghamapproved One Day First Aid course

2012                       Certificate of Ladder Training



AutoCad, 3DStudioMax, Rhino, Premiere, AfterEffects Pro, StopMotionPro, Photoshop, Illustrator,Word, Excel.



Professional Service

RAIA                Australian Institute of Architects




Elected Chair of the International Area Committee of the RAIA

Elected onto the International Area Committee of the RAIA

Designed and Directed RAIA Victorian Chapter Award ceremony


MIFF                Melbourne International Film Festival

2005-07                 Member Judging Panel Animation Category



Landspeed Racing



Dik has designed, built and driven with his team, Jarman-Stewart Racing, a car that is the current holder of two Australian Landspeed Records, classes EGL and EFL.


The car is currently in preparation for a World Record Attempt in Bonneville USA in September 2015 for EGL class and research has started for a new design concept to target two more landspeed categories.


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