Cyprus, Erieta Attali , Papachristou Architects, Electricity Authority

Cyprus, Erieta Attali , Papachristou Architects, Electricity Authority

Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects Association

a: Annis Kominis 12, Nicosia, Cyprus
t: +357 2 751221    e:    w:

CAA Member CAA Member
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Architects 1250
Students and Graduates 20
Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects Association
President/Chair title: President (Architects Section)
President Mr. Christos Christodoulou.
Membership and eligibility
National network
Institute Journal
Awards Programme
Code of Conduct or Ethics Published by Epistimaniko Techniko Epimelitirio Kyprou (Technical Chamber of Cyprus)
Fee Scale Published by Ministry of Communications and Works.  Recommended
Conditions of Engagement
Professional Indemnity Insurance Recommended
Continuing Professional Development Provided by Technical Chamber of Cyprus
Protection of Title Yes
Protection of Function Yes
Licensing Legislation Law 224/1990 Streets and Buildings Law Chapter 96


Accreditation body for courses in architecture
CAA Schools of Architecture
Other schools recognised by national bodies


Guidance CAA have endorsed the ethical standards for cross border practice set out in the CAA Accord on Enhancing Development Effectiveness and the International Union of Architects Guideline for Practice in a Host Nation.
Qualifications from other countries recognised by national bodies


Area: 582,000 sq km
Largest City: Gaborone (capital, pop. 237,000)
Population: 2,007,000 (2010)
Urban Population: 61%
Population Growth: 1.9% p.a. 1990-2010
GNI p.c.: US$6,790 (2010)
GDP p.c growth: 3.5% p.a. 1990–2010




MDG Report

Climate: The climate ranges from semi-arid through subtropical to temperate. Eastern Botswana is temperate, with enough rainfall to support arable farming, but rainfall decreases and temperature range increases westwards and southwards. Summer (October to April) is the rainy season and is very hot. Rainfall varies from 650mm per annum in the east to 230mm in the south-west. October is usually dry.


Construction Industry Research Organisations
Building Regulations/Codes (Title of document and publication date/or none)



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