Title of Event: Canberra Accord 6th General Meeting
Date: 5-7 May 2017
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Details: Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) together with Sri Lanka Institute of Architects hosted the 6th General Meeting of the Canberra Accord in Colombo Sri Lanka. The event was successfully concluded and CAA would like to thank SLIA, The University of Moratuwa and City School of Architecture for their devotion and excellent hospitality which inspired the delegates.

Canberra Accord 6th General Meeting


Title of Event: Robert Matthew Award
Date: 3 – 5 March 2016
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Details: Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) is glad to conduct Robert Matthew Award to commemorate Sir Robert Matthew, the Founder of CAA. The Competition will be hosted by Institute of Architects Pakistan.



Title of Event: Golden Jubilee of CAA
Date: 15-18th June 2015
Location: RIBA, London
Details: Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) commemorated its 5oth year Anniversary hosted by RIBA in London in June 2015.


Dialogue 25 Bloemfontein, Free State

Title of Event: Dialogue 25
Date: 25 – 31 August 2013
Location: Bloemfontein
Details: Emeritus Professor George Henderson, CAA Past President and currently Advisor to the CAA Validation Panel Executive Committee will be presenting together with Dr Jaco Wasserfall (Namibia) at a validation workshop organised by CAA and SACAP as a parallel session to Dialogue 25 on Wednesday 28 August, 2013
Click here for dialogue 25 daily programme

CAA-SACAP Validation Workshop Programme

World Architecture Festival 2013, SingaporeTitle of Event: World Architecture Festival 2013
Date: 02-04 October 2013
Location: Singapore
Details: World Architecture Festival is the world’s largest festival and live awards competition dedicated to celebrating, and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe.
Contact: http://www.worldarchitecturefestival.com/

International Conference on Cities, People & Places

Title of Event: International Conference on Cities, People & Places
Date: 14-17 October 2013
Location: Sri Lanka
Details: The Department of Architecture of the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka in conjunction with its international and national academic partners is proud to announce the International Conference on Cities, People & Places, to be held from October 14-17, 2013, at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Contact: http://www.mrt.ac.lk/web/events/international-conference-cities-people-places-2013
Register for the student competition by 31 October 2013

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