CAA is a UK registered charity governed by a General Assembly of Member delegations which meets at least once every three years, with each member having one vote irrespective of size. The membership is grouped into 5 regions (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania).

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the Charity complies with the requirements of the UK Charity Commission in particular sound financial management and that activity remains within constitutional mandate. The Trustees also make an annual report including independently examined accounts to the Charity Commission. Click here and enter CAA’s registration number 288022 to see listing and reports.

A Council comprising: President; Immediate Past President; Honorary Secretary/Treasurer; 5 regional Vice Presidents; Chairs of Communication, Education and Practice Committees manages the association.

The Secretariat is managed under contract with an Executive Director.

CAA Council and Alternates
CAA Trustees
CAA Staff
CAA Constitution

Past Presidents

1965-1967 Sir Robert Matthew CBE (UK)
1967-1969 Sir Robert Matthew CBE (UK)
1969-1971 Jai Rattan Bhalla (India)
1971-1973 Jai Rattan Bhalla (India)
1973-1976 Ronald Andrew Gilling OBE (Australia)
1976-1979 Oluwole Olusegun Olumuyiwa (Nigeria)
1979-1982 Frederic Rounthwaite (Canada)
1982-1985 Professor Peter Johnson (Australia)
1985-1987 John Wells-Thorpe (United Kingdom)
1987-1989 Dato I. Hisham Albakri (Malaysia)
1989-1991 Chief Dr. Wale Odeleye (Nigeria)
1991-1994 David Jackson AO (Australia)
1994-1997 Rusi Khambatta (India)
1997-2000 Professor George Henderson (UK)
2000-2003 Phillip Kungu (Kenya)
2003-2007 Llewellyn van Wyk (South Africa)
2007-2010 Professor Gordon Holden (New Zealand)
2010-2013 Mubasshar Hussain (Bangladesh)
2013 – 2016  Rukshan Widyalankara (Sri Lanka)


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