Since 1968 the CAA has published “a List of Schools of Architecture whose qualifications it considered, after inspection, to be a sufficient standard to recommend to National Authorities that they be accepted for recognition as meeting the academic requirements appropriate for registration, accreditation, or acceptance as an architect.”

The means of producing this list is known as Validation; that is the granting of recognition to a course or programme which has been tested against set criteria to produce results of a minimum acceptable standard (i.e. output related testing).

In 2000, following complete revision of the validation system in consultation with member institutes, CAA published ‘Qualifications in Architecture Recommended for Recognition by CAA: Procedures and Criteria’ referred to as ‘The Red Book’. This was reviewed and reissued in 2008 as ‘The Green Book’.

The procedures involve the convening of boards with CAA ‘out of country’ representatives together with those from the national institute and registration board. Requests for visiting boards by schools are only accepted with the endorsement of the CAA member national institute.

This unique multi-lateral system currently covers 68 schools in 12 countries.

Validation Brochure

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