List of Schools
CAA list of Qualifications Recommended for recognition

Schools of Architecture with courses leading to qualifications recommended for recognition by CAA:

This section contains individual entries for each school of architecture with qualifications recognised by CAA. Each entry contains detailed information on the status of Qualifications Recommended for Recognition for national bodies wanting to accredit the qualifications held by individuals for memberships or registration. It also includes fields for schools to enter a General Description and further information on Special AspectsResearch and Exchanges to assist students selecting a course in country in which they want to study and to promote academic exchange among the CAA College of Schools.

Through its Validation procedures CAA recognises qualifications by two main processes.

Direct; where boards visit individual school or architecture. Boards are a partnership between CAA ‘in-region’ (out of country) and ‘out-of-region’ representatives and those from the national registration board and professional body.

Qualifications validated in this way are accepted by the Canberra Accord

System; where CAA validates a national or regional validation procedure though a quality assurance process and lists the qualifications validated by that procedure.

Qualifications validated in this way are not accepted by the Canberra Accord

The individual entry for a school identifies by which process its qualifications have been recognised. The ‘Select Country’ facility above displays the list of schools in each country and identifies those where schools are recognised by the System process. In all the other countries schools are recognised by the Direct process.

CAA also maintains a list of previously recognised qualifications and can provide detailed advice to CAA member organisations on the recognition status of particular qualifications.


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