Mutende school Chingola, Zambia

Mutende school Chingola, Zambia

Ten young students of architecture joined Orkidstudio in the summer of 2013 to build Mutende school and orphanage in Chingola, Zambia’s industrial Copperbelt region.

Zambia Institute of Architects

a: C/o Ministry of Works and Supply,  Building Department, RidgeWay, POBox 51224, Lusaka, Zambia
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Guidance CAA have endorsed the ethical standards for cross border practice set out in the CAA Accord on Enhancing Development Effectiveness and the International Union of Architects Guideline for Practice in a Host Nation.
Qualifications from other countries recognised by national bodies


Area: 752,614 sq km
Largest City: Lusaka (capital, pop. 1.45m)
Population: 13.089m(2010)
Urban Population: 36%
Population Growth: 2.5% p.a.
GNI p.c.: US$1,070 (2010)
GDP p.c growth: 0.6% p.a. (1990–2010)

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Climate: Tropical, but seldom unpleasantly hot, except in the valleys. There are three seasons: a cool dry season April–August; a hot dry season August – November; and a west season, which is even hotter, November – April. Frost occurs in some areas in the cool season. Rainfall is 508-1,270 mm p.a.


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